Yoga Retreats For Couples

At Yoga Retreats For Couples we bring to you Tantra or Tantric, Yoga and Meditation in beautiful locations including Spain, Thailand

Let me ask you? What if I told you there was one vacation you could take almost anywhere in the world, even at home, that would give you everything you need to feel good again, would you take it? I hope you would and, I am about to tell you, very simply, it is a Yoga Retreat.

Actually, ‘retreat’ is the wrong word, experiencing a Yoga ‘retreat’ is more like a ‘life advancing,’ no matter where you are or how stuck you feel.

Yoga retreats are suitable for people of all ages and physical capacities as it does not require great strength to get started. If you can breathe, you can do Yoga and the breath controlled properly and simultaneously with specific poses, or postures, can do more for your physiological, psychological and biochemical well-being than any other form of exercise. A Yoga retreat is not about ‘exercise’ it is about learning how to control your own lifestyle, easily, with a little practise, very soon, the results are so outstanding that you wonder why they haven’t made Yoga retreats illegal, well, some countries have.

Our wellness holistic retreats for couples, like many things, can come in all different shapes and sizes! No two retreats are ever the same, thanks to the location, program, instructor, and you, the students themselves.

Here listed below are some of different types of workshops, retreats and events that are suitable for couples:


A tantra yoga retreat gives students the opportunity to experience tantric massage therapy, which offers the participants a way to open up both sexually and sensually. A tantra yoga workshop retreat can help in a number ways including releasing traumas, expanding the couples ability to experience and receive pleasure, and bring a deep emotional healing.


Detox retreats are certainly on the increase these days. This type of yoga retreat is all about detoxing and getting your health back on track. Generally these types of retreat usually involves physically detoxing the body and clearing your mind. It is often a case of combining yoga, meditation, and extra activities – together with a strong emphasis on a detox diet.


Spiritual yoga retreats focus on getting in touch with your spiritual side through the practice of yoga. There isn’t necessarily any kind of religious connotations to the retreat, but more about embracing your own spirituality and healing your spirit. The retreat is designed to improve your physical and mental well being through healing practices. Spiritual or healing yoga retreats often embrace local or regional traditions.


Adventure yoga retreats combine yoga and various adventures. These types of retreats put a particular emphasis on the “adventure” part and may combine yoga with running, hiking, paddle boarding, scuba diving, surfing and sailing as outlined by our 7 day (6 night) Yoga & meditation wellness sailing retreat that is perfect for those of us who want to spend time sailing and sight seeing as a couple.

Our yoga sailing workshop retreat offers couples amazing and unforgettable experience never to be forgotten. The sailing retreat is generally based around progressive, holistic practices that include Yoga & Meditation plus what we call Ocean Therapy. The goal of which is to bring you more balance and harmony to your life.

Participants can expect days that are full with yoga & meditation activities . Naturally,the program allows for “me time” allowing you to relax and enjoy everything that Athens and the nearby islands has to offer.  We shall be visiting one of these beautiful and amazing Greek islands every day.  Serifos, Spetses, Kea, Andros, Poros, Agistri, Aegina, Hydra and the magical Temple of Poseiden on Sounion.

Every evening you will return to Alimos Marina where the Beneteau Oceanis 41.1* yacht is moored. The marina is one of the largest in Greece and is located South West of Athens 15 Km from the city center, 8 Km South of Piraeus port and 30 km from El. Venizelos International Airport.

Check in 11 a.m Saturday morning / Check out 11 a.m Friday morning.

The services available in the Marina include:

Power supply, Water supply, Parking, Two Restaurants/Bars, First Aid Equipment, Security Marina and PIR automatic lights around the Marina

The services available in the vicinity of the Marina include:


Restaurants and Bar

Car rental facilities

Pharmacies, hairdressing, laundry, etc.

Organized Beaches

Large local market 700 meters from the Marina

So if you are serious about investing in yourself then this amazing inspirational & spiritual experience is just right for you and will deepen your awareness of your own inner guru.

Our low season unique sober sailing retreats have very limited availability. Each retreat has 3 x double bed cabins available at 2998€ for either single or 2 person occupancy., Therefore, for double occupancy works out at 1499€ per person.


The single cabin with the 2 bunk beds are available at 999 euros per person


So there you have it. I would recommend sending you on a Yoga retreat anywhere (where legal) for any duration, short or long, it only takes one session to feel immediate results. I was sent on one by my employer after he noticed I was suffering with my knees, not to mention (though I will) the trauma from the earthquakes we are having where I currently live.

And he was right about recommending a Yoga retreat, my knees do not hurt, my memory is better and I laugh through the aftershocks now.

However, before I went on my vacation, I did not have the strength to provide my own practise again, I needed help and I recognized it. The Yoga retreat helps you to develop a pattern of practise that becomes easily accessible to you wherever you go.

For those who have not tried a Yoga retreat, there is nothing else that I have ever done for myself that has improved my over-all sense of body comfort, mental capacity and energy levels. It is like an elixir of the gods. And, ironically, free to take with you anywhere and perform everywhere thereafter.

I practise in the bath tub, the kitchen, in my car, in the garden and while I am listening to someone long winded on the telephone. I find that Yoga has slipped easily back into my life since I have been on a Yoga retreat that stimulated my memory to be kind to myself.

Now, I have a vacation that still lasts anywhere I am.

So…like I asked you to begin with: would you like to take a vacation you could take anywhere, even back to your own home that will make you feel good again—and I said I hoped you would— and now I bet you do—with no need to thank me, thank yourself by treating yourself to a Yoga retreat.

What Exactly Is Yoga?

Although yoga is often associated with Hinduism and the Hindu religion, it is in fact older than that. Yoga has been documented at over 5,000 years old, with some of the earliest evidence of yoga practice showing up around 3,000 B.C. It is believed that the original purpose of yoga postures and breathing exercises were intended to bring the participants relaxation – together with creating a basis for meditation.

Hindu philosophy considers yoga to be one of the six primary schools. It is seen as a focusing upon meditation as a route to knowing oneself and seeking personal liberation.

What does the term yoga mean?  The term yoga has its roots in the Sanskrit language and refers to a merging or joining – a unification. The yoga philosophy revolves around the concept of harmoniously uniting opposites – the mind and the body. By applying the correct breathing techniques – flowing movement and tuning into yoga poses (asanas), the mind, emotions and the physical body are united in such a way that peace and creativity flow freely. Yoga utilizes and teaches breath work, movement, asanas, meditation and relaxation bringing about and maintaining a balanced and healthy life.


Relaxation is important in helping us to accept and adapt to the things that we cannot control and on the flip side turn our attention to the aspects we can control. In essence, yoga represents being able to balance all aspects of our lives, by instilling harmony.

So What’s Your Yoga Type?

So you want to take a yoga class, but with so many different types which yoga type do you choose? The many various yoga styles often adopt different  yoga philosophy from each other. Yon may ask yourself questions such as “should I try the classic Hatha Yoga that I’ve heard so much about? Alternatively, I could try something that is a little more challenging like that Bikram Yoga? Or perhaps Tantra Yoga is at the other end of the spectrum. You can always switch styles if the one you have chosen does not fit your requirements.

Listed below are the basic interpretations of the major yoga styles and our description is only designed to give you a reference or starting point.

Self Motivated

Just teach me some moves and I’ll take it from there, thank you.


The more attention paid to detail, the more precise the instruction, the better.


I’m really only interested in yoga styles that were developed by Indian gurus.

Fitness Buff

I feel most alive when a challenging activity gets my heart pumping.

Type A

I’d like to know what I can expect from x-amount of yoga practice, as well as what I can expect from the experience in general.

Physically Flexible

I’m really already quite flexible. I’d like to challenge my flexibility with a suiting yoga style.


Yoga is about stretching calmly and taking things slow, right?


I enjoy eclectic perspectives and experiences. Prefer variation over rigid instruction.

I am interested in delving deeper into the philosphical and spiritual aspects of yoga.


I live for sound! Which yoga style incorporates sound?

Yoga and Emotional/Mental Health

As we all know – life is filled with ups and for many of us a lot of downs – but do we really have to accept all the downs and the health problems that they bring? A answer is a big NO as yoga can refocus our energies and positive outlook in our daily lives. So remember that you really do have a choice to turn your emotions around – but it does take effort and some dedication on your part.

According to the Mental Health Foundation in the UK, they highlight some pretty depressing statistics.

The Correlation Between Physical health and mental health.

  • There are strong links between physical and mental health problems. Research has found that 30% of people with a long-term physical health problem also have a mental health problem and 46% of people with a mental health problem also had a long-term physical health problem.

The extent of mental health problems.

  • One in four people in the UK will experience a mental health problem in any given year.
  • Mental health problems are one of the main causes of the burden of disease worldwide. In the UK, they are responsible for the largest burden of disease – 28% of the burden, compared to 16% each for cancer and heart disease.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us for here further information on are planned retreats and teacher training programs in 2019.