Yacht Charters In Greece – What You Need To Consider

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Yacht Charters In Greece – What You Need To Consider.

The sailing season in Greece runs from March to early November. Spring weather can be cool, or delightfully warm during the day, but cool at night. The water is not warm enough for swimming until early to mid-May but spring offers a fantasy of colours in the ubiquitous wildflowers that cover the islands.

Tip: All seasons in the Mediterranean are great but a great secret to travelling there is taking advantage of the off-season lower rates and weather conditions. There are advantages to every month but we believe our clients would like going when there are fewer people and they can really experience the country. Best of all, there are relatively few tourists around. You can see Greece the way it “should” be seen.

May, June, September and October offer good winds, although variable, and summertime temperatures during the day with pleasant nights. One can swim through the middle to end of October comfortably. July and August are subject to stronger winds in the main group of islands, the Cyclades, but not everyday. Our assistance in itinerary planning can help to avoid the main force of the winds. Since most charterers come to Greece in the spring and fall, we actually offer a discount on certain boats during July and August. (Call us for details.) Late fall in Greece is positively delightful. The crowds are relatively non-existent, the temperatures can be warm and Greece returns to a regular routine. Weather can vary but the serenity is most appealing.

What Kind of Charter Do You Need?

By reading through our site, you can determine the best time to go, whether or not to take a skipper and how long your trip should be. Choosing the right boat should follow these other questions you must consider:

How many people in your group, therefore how many berths….singles? doubles? Do you need a sailing yacht, motor yacht or motorsailer ?

Will you be taking a skipper? Skippers can sleep in a skipper cabin, a guest cabin or sometimes in the main saloon (but not always).

If bareboat, up to what size are you comfortable handling? Please note that the laws in Europe require at least two qualified people on board.

If with a skipper, consider the level of comfort you wish within the limits of your budget?..but remember, we can help you sort this out.

An alternative is a flotilla. This is a group of boats travelling together with groups, singles or couples, sometimes with an educational aspect to them. It is accompanied by one or more skippers to provide local knowledge. Some flotillas are primarily bareboat and some are crewed. If you like this option, you can still choose any boat you prefer. If your boat choice fits within our regularly offered options for the flotilla, then there will be no change. If your boat choice is different, the price can easily be adjusted. Our flotilla packages usually include air and land arrangements for an all-inclusive package.

How Long Should the Trip Be ?

We believe that 7 days should be the minimum for most Greek charters but we feel that 10 days allows you the best itinerary. We believe you will agree when you begin to plan.

For the other countries we service, charters must be in increments of 7 days and should begin, for the most part on Saturdays. Therefore, we recommend flying to the country you choose by midweek and spending a day or two at the major city. We can help you determine the best way to use your time. Then, you pick up your boat at 5 pm on a Saturday and disembark at 9 am on a Saturday. You may wish to add a few days at the end for inland touring and then return home. In all countries, 7 days gives you a taste of the area but we highly recommend 14 to have a more in-depth experience.

With or Without Skipper ?

Chartering “bareboat” refers to chartering the yacht without professional crew aboard. If you have experience skippering similarly sized yachts, you can charter bareboat. The wind conditions vary (see “When to Go”) but the waters are relatively deep and there are no tides, no noticeable currents, few banks, reefs or shoals. Sailing on its own is relatively easy but there are other reasons to consider hiring one of our captains, particularly if this is the first time in the area. First, one anchors in a method called “Mediterranean Mooring” which involves backing the boat to the pier after having set the anchor off the bow.

This is unfamiliar to most people. Second, there are so many wonderful details about these countries which a skipper can show you…the best restaurants and food delights, the tiny coves around the corner, interesting people, good shopping, etc. And while language is not a barrier for the most part, a skipper of the local speaker can truly enhance your experience.

Using your skipper as a guide will enable you to get the most out of the vacation….and he will allow you or teach you to do as much sailing as you wish! We will ask you lots of questions regarding what sort of person you would like as your skipper and help you choose from the very best skippers available.

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